Goinglobal – new resource for York students

200x179_gumbi If you’re considering working outside the UK, Goinglobal is a valuable resource now available to York students.

Its extensive information includes 41 country guides with:

  • job search resources
  • industry and employment trends
  • top company listings’work permits and visas
  • cultural advice
  • application and interview advice
  • and much more.

Goinglobal also has a key employer directory with 400,000+ country-specific company profiles; USA and Canada city guides (with China cities coming soon); and worldwide job and internship vacancies.

To access this resource, York students need to visit our International work page and click on the Goinglobal link in the right hand column. You’ll then be prompted to input your University username and password for full access.



CAREERS BLOG: The link between arts, health and society

UoY Careers Imagine the possibilities LARGE dark green Careers blog written by Kate Copland, Careers Adviser, Careers

As a result of the recession and cuts in government funding, there’s a lot of interest in “justifying” the importance of the arts, particularly in economic terms. Often the economic value is measured through paying audiences and places the arts and theatre in particular within the Tourism and Leisure industries.

However, increasingly a link is being made between involvement with the arts and health and societal benefits. For example, recent studies suggest that participation in theatre workshops can help rehabilitate offenders and therefore help reduce crime (www.artsprofessional.co.uk/magazine/276/case-study/beating-bad-behaviour?utm_source=Weekly-Good-Reads&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Beating-bad-behaviour&utm_campaign=10th-July-2014). Similarly, work with dementia sufferers has indicated a reduction in symptoms, following museum workshops (www.museumsassociation.org/museums-journal/features/01102013-memory-work#.U8Y5N_ldWTM).

Locally, a scheme called Converge is delivered by York St John University and co-funded by the university and Leeds and York NHS Foundation Trust (www.yorksj.ac.uk/create/create14/converge.aspx).  Converge provides arts-related courses, runs a theatre company, and a choir aimed at mental health service users. Not only does the programme directly link arts and health, the courses are delivered by university staff, graduates and arts students, but Occupational Therapy students also volunteer as “buddies” to support the Converge students, gaining valuable work experience, training from the NHS partner and a professional reference.

Are you interested in how the arts impact on individuals and society? There are a number of different career areas this interest could relate to:

GUEST BLOG: Insight into Theatre Education 

UoY Careers Rocket illy Notes compiled by Kate Copland, Careers Adviser, based on a talk from… Elvi Piper, Creative Education Coordinator at the West Yorkshire Playhouse, who gave a snapshot of her role and some tips for working in the sector.

Working in theatre

  • All staff are perceived as artists within the organisation, including administrators, technical staff and the person in charge of their twitter account!
  • Passion for the job is absolutely essential and she explained that “work and play are combined”, so although she may start work at 8am and finish sometimes as late as 10pm, she would want to be attending performances in her spare time anyway, so it doesn’t feel like “work”
  • Arts education and development is actually a growing area within theatre work, as a lot of funding is being directed towards this type of work.

Other less obvious roles in theatre it’s worth considering include

  • Audience Development
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Programming (designing what will be shown)
  • Producer (admin roles can lead to this)
  • Arts co-ordinator
  • Arts assistant.

What does a Creative Education Co-ordinator do? 

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Congratulations to York graduates!

UoY Careers Keep in touch illy Congratulations from Careers to all those graduating this week. We hope you have a great day with your family and friends celebrating your well-earned success.

We know that things like jobs and what you’re going to do next are the last things on your mind on graduation day, but remember careers support is still available to you once you leave York.

So, once all the celebrations are over and you turn your thoughts to your next step, you can always turn to us. Whether you need feedback on your CV, advice about career choices or information about job opportunities, Careers can help. Visit our alumni web page for details of what we offer to graduates.

If you’re all set for life after University, you can help current students by completing a graduate profile, once you’re settled in your first job or further study.