The Policy and Corporate Jobs Summit – How to get a job in Politics and The City

Find out what you really need to know to secure a high-level job or internship in the policy and corporate sectors. The Policy and Corporate Jobs Summit is designed for young leaders, graduates and those wanting to get into the corporate and policy sectors. Undergraduates are also invited to attend, in particular those interested in International Relations and Politics, as well as any other social science field.

The Policy and Corporate Jobs Summit will cover:

- What your CV has to look like- and what it has to say and not say

- How to write the perfect cover letter and cover email to get noticed;

- What high-level employers really expect their job applicants to be like but won’t say;

- When are the recruitment cycles and best times to get into these sectors;

- How to build a winning job or internship hunting strategy to secure an interview

- How to network at conferences and receptions.

There are only 20 seats available at this one time only conference. Registrations are made on a first come, first served basis.

For further information and to register go to:

Careers Newsletter, Weeks 5-8: Out and about on campus, international focus, dates and events for your diary


Careers Newsletter

Autumn term, weeks 5-8


In this issue

1. What next after the recruitment fairs?…

2. Dates and events for your diary
Including… recruiters on campus, volunteering, global opportunities fair, get a stall at the Christmas market and an assessment centre activity day

3. Out and about on campus
Including… meet the Careers brand ambassadors and Careers lounges

4. International Focus
Including… overseas work experience, new international webpages and Access Tier 5 presentation for international students

5. What’s new in Careers
Including… catch up on missed careers talks and brand new reference books                                                                            

… and more
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Careers’ Meet the team: Chris Millson, Online Training Manager






1. Name

Chris Millson

2. Job Title

Online Training Manager

3. How long have you worked in Careers at York and what did you do before you worked here?

After I graduated, my partner and I taught English in Japan for a year – it was great experience and fun to live there. I then got a job here in Careers helping students start businesses, which taught me a lot. From that job to my current role, I have worked in Careers for seven years – but I enjoy it here, so I don’t have the proverbial itch.

4. What do you do in a typical day in your job?

My job is to manage eLearning and interactive web apps for Careers, including the Employability Tutorial and Careers Timeline. It is easy to say ‘every day is different'; indeed, I have just done so, and while it is usually true, there are a lot of important everyday things in most jobs. You may not enjoy all of them, but being good at them could be what gets you the job; don’t forget this when applying for things. Here are some things I do very regularly: write/reply to emails, fill in forms, have meetings, talk about ideas and developments, research things online, write code for web applications, use databases to generate stats, follow things on social media. Here are some things I don’t do every day: meet employers and staff at other universities, go to conferences, and help with events like Careers Fairs/the YUSU Fair and York Award courses.

5. What do you enjoy most about your job?

I think everyone has said this too, but having nice colleagues is the most important thing for me, and the people I work with are great. Also, I get to talk to students, graduates and staff, to find out how we can improve our online services – it is very rewarding to feel that you are helping people, and exciting to hear ideas which I would never think of myself. If you are at York and have any comments/suggestions, send them over; we love feedback.

6. If you could do any job in the world what would it be?

I used to think it would be nice to be a coffee taster, but then I read this article and realised I was romanticising it somewhat. I think I would enjoy my childhood ambition of being a DJ and/or music producer, but only in a hypothetical universe where I was talented and lucky enough to make it my day job.

7. What are you:

  • Watching?

Just finished Utopia: amazing soundtrack, dark and quirky script. Also, just discovered Hot Tub Britain: a winning blend of office tension and logistical nightmares. It made me realise that working for a family business could be very difficult, as would being followed everywhere by a film crew.

  • Reading?

My partner and I have been on a few long car journeys recently, and have discovered a fun pastime is to become a live audiobook, i.e. reading out a cheap – and ideally trashy – eBook, creating voices for all of the characters. So I have been reading a lot of cheap – and ideally trashy – eBooks.

  • Listening to?

I love the new Radio 1 Friday night line-up featuring my favourite DJ, B.Traits. I am not always up late enough to hear it live, so I mostly listen to it on iPlayer while performing household chores. ‘9TS’ by Redlight is a great track at the moment, and an excellent accompaniment to both cooking and unloading the dishwasher.

2014 China Career Development Workshops

The British Council China is going to run a series of career development workshop in the UK from 7 – 12 November November 2014.

HR executives from major employers in China have been invited to give an overview of the competitive job market in China, talk about various aspects of recruitment from the employer’s side and share job opportunities with Chinese students. After the guests have spoken, students will have the chance to interact with the speakers as well as inquire about any possible vacancies that they could have available. This will not only provide a fantastic opportunity for students to understand and discuss the requirements of China’s domestic employment market, but will also provide a wealth of employment opportunities.

Event information:

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J.P Morgan – Use your coding skills to change lives.

Open to all graduation years, this is a great opportunity to see whether a career in financial services Technology is for you.  This two-day challenge gives you the chance to put your coding skills to practice, while helping a good cause.

Over 24 hours we’ll ask you to develop a solution for a leading non-profit organisation. You’ll work with some of our recognised industry experts, learning from their experiences as you creatively solve a real-life Technology problem for one of three leading charities.

Event date: November 14 – 15, 2014

Application deadline: October 24, 2014

To find out more and apply please visit: