Graduate jobs beyond the capital

Think you’ve got to live in London to get that graduate job?

It’s true that certain industry and service sectors will predominantly operate in the London area (sectors like publishing, advertising and city finance, for example), but there are plenty of graduate jobs available in other parts of the UK too.

Did you know that two thirds of graduate vacancies currently being advertised on the Interactive Careers Service are outside of London?

 Opportunities like:

  • Public sector auditing with Grant Thornton – Birmingham, Bristol, Liverpool and Manchester
  • Customer Analytics & Decision Analyst with Lloyds Banking Group – Yorkshire
  • Marketing Executive with Beacon Dodsworth – North Yorkshire
  • Global Analyst with Deutsche Bank – the East Midlands
  • Sales Executive with BT – North West England    
  • Merchandising Graduate with Tesco – Eastern England
  • Business Graduate with AugustaWestland – South West England
  • Accounting Graduate with Kerry Group – Northern Ireland
  • Regulatory Associate with the Water Industry Commission for Scotland.

Search the Interactive Careers Service – log in and click on Opportunities/Find opportunity. Click on Location to see which regions you’re interested in. You can search by location on many online recruitment sites as well. For a list of graduate vacancy sources, see the Look for work web pages and the information sheet, Finding graduate job vacancies.