CAREERS BLOG – Aptitude tests (including Bloomberg)

Aptitude tests (or psychometric tests) are used by prospective employers to see whether you have the abilities and skills needed for a particular job.  They usually cover verbal, numerical and logical reasoning ability, and are used to give an objective assessment of candidates’ abilities.  You can’t revise for these tests, but as you need to balance speed and accuracy, it is worth doing some practice tests – you can find details in the information sheet, How to practise aptitude tests, at (click on the Job hunting tab).

This term students have the opportunity to take an assessment test to gauge their proficiency in financial services.  If you are thinking of a career in finance, you may wish to take the Bloomberg Assessment Test – a 3-hour, multiple-choice test consisting of 150 questions in 12 sections covering everything from numerical and verbal reasoning, through to ethics and specific areas of finance and economics.

After the test, you will get feedback and can compare yourself with peers from across the globe.  Comparisons are done by subject area – you do not need to be studying finance.

The test scores are also put into an anonymous database for employers, who will be able to sift through the records based on different criteria (e.g. test scores, language skills, degree subject) and express interest in candidates to whom they would like to be introduced.  The candidate then receives an email along the lines of “Would you be interested in applying to Deutsche Bank?”.  Bloomberg charges employers a fee for this service, so you do not have to pay to take the test.  You have control over your data.  If you feel you had a bad day, you can retake the test, or have your score removed from the Bloomberg database.  (If you retake, employers can only see your most recent score.)

You can sit the Bloomberg test on Wednesday 21 November at 14:15 in room LMB/008 (Law and Management Building).  If you would like to do this, please register in advance.

For more information: please see the information sheet on Assessment tests; the Careers information room has several books on how to pass psychometric tests, and some sample test materials.