Career nugget – the future of the PR agency

Exploring the changing state of PR, PRWeek published a series of essays by agency directors discussing client wish lists, the impact of the economy, globalisation and how developments in technology are affecting the PR industry and considering what this might mean for the future.

Top 5 client wishes for PR agencies that can:

  1. Effectively utilise social media
  2. Collaborate with other sectors
  3. Have interest and expertise in emerging markets (particularly BRIC)
  4. Recruit staff from diverse backgrounds to ensure communications are relevant to all customers
  5. Anticipate change

Why is this relevant to you? Well, if you are interested in working in PR, you will need to demonstrate your commercial awareness in your application and at interview. Being able to discuss the current climate as well as considering how PR as an industry is developing and the challenges and opportunities this brings for staff is important and will set you apart from the competition.

Can you demonstrate that you have the skills to satisfy the above client wish list? Yes?- prove it!

For the full article and essays: or read the hard copy: PRWeek 7 December 2012 issue, pg 32- 43 in Careers.