The York Award – recognising our students

New Year is often a time when people reflect on the things that have gone well over the previous year and start to set their resolutions for the coming year. For final year students at York it is no exception, especially for those students who are thinking of applying for the York Award; the University’s ground-breaking employability certificate.

‘It gives you a chance to sit back and really consider everything that you have learnt from university life.’ Student Feedback June 2012

Not only does the York Award encourage students to engage in the wide range of exciting development opportunities available to them at York (including; Volunteering, Internships and participating in clubs and societies) it also provides training opportunities through a short course programme, where students can learn about Intellectual Property Law with Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, how to set up their own business with the York Enterprise Scheme and develop their Leadership Skills through a series of workshops supported by business leaders from across the region.

‘The wide range of courses available via the York Award was really helpful to improving myself as an individual. I truly coloured my life on campus with numerous exciting activities.’ Student Feedback June 2012

The York Award certificate, which is presented to students at their graduation ceremony in the summer, rewards those students who can demonstrate how they have developed their employability skills through their engagement in a wide range of opportunities. The assessment process includes an application form, which is modelled on the types of questions posed by leading graduate recruiters, requires students to look back on their time at York and think about the skills that they have developed, and how this will help them in their future. This is followed by a panel interview conducted by an employer and University representative.

‘It’s a very well set out system that encourages the student to make the most of their University experience and leave with more than just a degree classification.’ Student Feedback June 2012

With a wide range of support from across all areas of the University and over one hundred volunteers from the business community, the York Award not only provides valuable recognition for our exceptional students it also provides a bridge between the student community and the world of work, helping students to develop their skills for the future, but also to share the very real difference many of our students make to the local area.

‘It helps with a smooth transition from University to the world of work, aids employability and enables extra-curricular achievements to be carried out with a focus.’ Student Feedback June 2012

If you are a final year student who has been actively engaged in a range of opportunities at York, why not use the York Award to help you bring it all together for your future?

The York Award application deadline is 5pm on Friday 25th January 2013: 

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