CAREERS BLOG: Careers in teaching and related professions

Teaching offers a rewarding and challenging career, and may be something you are considering for a number of reasons. These reasons might include:

  • A love of learning and passion for your subject which you want to share
  • Enjoyment of working with children and young people
  • Satisfaction from explaining things and seeing that “lightbulb moment”
  • Wanting to help young people achieve their full potential
  • A job where every day is different, and where (despite the curriculum) you have a high degree of freedom and independence.

Experience is essential if you are applying for teacher training. York Students in Schools (YSIS) will be recruiting in weeks 3 – 5 for placements next term, and other volunteering opportunities also offer work with children and young people.

Or perhaps you know a career in the classroom is not for you, but you would still like to help people learn in a role outside mainstream education. For teaching roles outside the classroom, for example in environmental, health or museums education, a teaching qualification may well be a requirement, along with relevant voluntary experience.  Or you may choose to train as a teacher and then work in alternative settings, such as adult and community education, traveller education support services, or working with offenders.

Alternatively you may be interested in a different kind of role working with young people, such as youth work, family support, performing arts, support roles in schools, educational psychology and many more. It is important that you research the different roles and consider the skills, qualities and experience needed.

If any of these options interests you, make the most of our event on Monday 21 January: Working in Education and with young people.  You will have the opportunity to network and talk to professionals working in a variety of roles.  They will be happy to discuss their own career paths, and explain the skills, qualifications and experience needed for work in their sector.  Roles represented at the event include: teaching (including the various routes into the teaching profession), educational research, museums and heritage education, voluntary organisations, youth services, theatre/performance and more.

The Working in Education and with young people event is in the Physics/Exhibition Centre (P/T/005/5a), 17:15 – 19:15 on Monday 21 January.  The full list of networkers can be downloaded from our events page.

Additional resources

For more information about careers in these areas, see our information sheets on:

  • Considering Teaching
  • Considering Teaching in the UK for International Students
  • Considering Working with Children & Young People
  • Education Alternatives (agcas)
  • Routes into Teaching (agcas)
  • Considering Social Work

All available to download at