GUEST BLOG: How TEFL can improve your career prospects – top 3 destinations for graduates

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With over 1 billion people learning English worldwide, TEFL or Teaching English as a Foreign Language is in high demand. Luckily for you, being a graduate means that you can work almost anywhere in the world!  Here are our top 3 countries and how you can use your time overseas to improve your career prospects:

1)     Italy. If you’re an EU national you can start looking for work just like you would in your home country.  TEFL jobs in Italy can be found in any number of different settings, from state schools and kindergartens to private tuition and language schools. Salaries range from around €800-1000 and many teachers supplement their base wage with private tuition. With blue skies for over 200 days a year (and the best pizza) what are you waiting for?

CV boosting tip: Invest in learning the language. It shows a desire to advance yourself and adapt to your surroundings, both key things graduate employers look for.

2)     South Korea: Once qualified, teaching jobs pay around £1400 a month and generally come with a free studio apartment. Many also come with free airfare and a settlement allowance, so South Korea is the place to go if you’re cash poor after Uni!

CV boosting tip: TV channels, radio shows and newspapers are always looking for English speaking contributors in Korea. If you’re after a career in the media or PR this could be a great chance to build a unique portfolio. 

3)     Thailand. When it comes to cost of living Thailand is King. Whilst salaries sit at around £800, average rent for a one bed villa is only £250 a month and Pad Thai on the street less than £1. Not to mention, Thailand has some of the best beaches and cultural artefacts in the world.

CV boosting tip: Thailand offers plenty of opportunity for interesting volunteer work. You could help out at an animal sanctuary or teach weekend classes at an orphanage. This experience will be particularly valuable if you’re looking to work in the care or volunteer sector.

For more detailed info & other TEFL countries download our Free Guide to the Top Ten TEFL Destinations!

Katherine Hackett is a Marketing Executive at i-to-i TEFL who run accredited TEFL courses and a TEFL jobs board.


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