CAREERS BLOG: It’s time to network at Professional Connect

  • Media & publishing
  • Technology
  • Life sciences & environment

UoY Careers Imagine the possibilities LARGE dark greenIf you’d like to work in any of these sectors, come along to the Professional Connect event on Thursday 2 May (6.15 – 8.30pm) in the Physics/Exhibition Centre.

At the start of the evening, there will be panel question and answer sessions for each of the three sectors, giving an insight into these fields. You don’t have to have a question in mind, just come along and listen to the panellists talk about their experiences of working in the sector you’re interested in.

The rest of the event gives you an amazing opportunity to talk informally to people (many of them York alumni) working in these sectors. Get info about what it’s really like working in the sector, the types of jobs out there, and tips on how to get in. It’s not a recruitment event, but it will give you lots of inside info to help you plan your career.

This is an evening not to be missed – check out our web page for more information, including details of those networkers who are attending.

Before the event

  • Read up a little on the sector – that way you can use the time well, discuss things more fully with the networkers and you can find out more than just the basics.
  • Join our Facebook event
  • Read the event’s online programme and check out the profiles of the networkers
  • Check out our job sector pages at to get background information on the sector
  • Read the relevant Considering… information sheets at for further information and resources. Relevant titles include: Environment; IT; Marketing, advertising and PR; Publishing; Science outside the lab; and Science communication.
  • See what past York students have to say about working in these sectors at
  • Read our Successful networking information sheet to give you tips on how best to chat with the networkers and make the most of the evening’s opportunities
  • Note down some questions you could ask the networkers – what do you want to find out?

At the event

  • Come prepared – bring a notepad and pen to note down useful information
  • Be ready to chat with the networkers – ask questions and find out as much as possible
  • Enjoy the evening.

We’ll see you there!

Blog written by Irena Zientek, Careers’ Information Resources Manager