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GUEST BLOG: 5 Ways to Boost Your Employability as a Graduate

UoY Careers Balloon illy Guest blog written by Mark Bradford, STEM Graduates

48% of York graduates find work in Scientific, Engineering and Computing-orientated careers, so with graduation fast approaching it’s probably as good a time as any to introduce ourselves.

STEM Graduates provide careers advice and graduate job opportunities for students and graduates from Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths degree subjects. Those from a non-STEM degree discipline fret not however, our 5 step guide will be applicable to your job search too:

  1. Know what’s out there

There might be an aspect of your degree that you’re particularly interested in pursuing further as you launch your career, though it’s important to be aware of what skills are currently most sought after by graduate employers.

The AGR’s surveys and independently published information from resources such as ourselves are good places to start. If you forgive the plug, a good example of what to look out for is our recent infographic outlining the recruitment trends within the IT industry in 2015. Though, you’ll also get a sense of what’s out there when you’re searching for jobs yourself.

Recognise what aspects of your strengths and preferences match with what type of skills are most sought after and tailor your applications to reflect this. The key is to be adaptable, chase your dream job by all means but don’t narrow the opportunities available to you as a consequence.

  1. Research your chosen industry

You’ve decided what the focus of your graduate job search will be, now you need to know your sector inside out.

Make sure you keep up to date with current affairs in the industries you’re looking to work in, this will make future interviews less daunting as you’ll feel comfortable to take on non-company specific industry questions interviewers might try to catch you off-guard with.

  1. Utilise social media

LinkedIn is the obvious place to start in this respect, ensure that your profile can be found by recruiters by listing key skills and terms relevant to your industry on your profile (do this also with your CV if your register on job boards). Recruiters will initially perform keyword searches on LinkedIn, so the jobs will have more of a chance of finding you.

It’s important not to neglect the power of networking within social media, join relevant LinkedIn groups and get involved in any discussion and utilise Twitter and Facebook to interact with potential employers’ content. Blogs are also a good way of great way of getting your name out there with prospective employers and you can use this platform to establish yourself as an authority on your chosen sector during an application process.

  1. Make the most of internship and voluntary opportunities

Any internship or voluntary opportunity is an important chance to prove your work-ethic and dependability to potential employers. To them you’re something of a mystery, so take on a voluntary job and do yourself proud – the reference you’ll get is invaluable.

It’s all the better if the experience you gain is related to your chosen industry and the volunteering opportunities at York are avenues to consider.

  1. Perfect your interview technique

You’ve followed steps 1-4 and you’re suddenly being inundated with interview requests. So much so that it’s tempting to neglect some of your lower priority applications and although you’ve been invited for an interview, you’re tempted to cancel. Don’t. With interviews it’s the case that practice will make perfect.

When a prospective employer wants to meet you it means they recognise you have the skills to perform the job, so it’s handling the jitters and putting yourself across right that will be your main obstacle. So why not hone your interview technique in a less intense environment?

Ask Countryside Jobs Service

UoY Careers illustrations-79You’re thinking of a career in the countryside. But do you have questions?

CJS has been advertising countryside, conservation and wildlife type posts since 1994 – and helping people just like you all that time. There’s lots of information online but sometimes it’s easier simply to ask! We understand, so ask us and if we don’t know the answers we’ll probably know someone who does.

  • Email us your questions to:
  • Or from today you can tweet us your questions using the hash tag #askCJS
  • message us @CountrysideJobs
  • or we’re on Facebook for your messages to

New science journal

A brand new scientific publication is due to be produced within the University.

Used as a platform for students to publish their own work, this is a great opportunity to develop and practise important professional skills. It will also promote the work of the Scientific departments at York.

To get the publication started organisers are holding a start-up meeting to arrange the various components required – setting the mission brief to the content of the publication.

  • Come along to the meeting on Wednesday 11 March, 4pm at W/222.

Working in…

UoY Careers Ladder illy If you’re interested in working in any of the following sectors:

  • Media, journalism & publishing
  • Arts & heritage
  • Environment & sustainability

you can’t afford to miss our Working in… event next week.

  • Date: Thursday 26 February
  • Time: 6.15pm – 8.30pm
  • Venue: Physics & Exhibition Centre.

The evening starts with three question & answer panels (running simultaneously), with professionals answering your questions on what it’s like to work in these sectors. Then you can grab a drink and chat informally with the panel members.

Many of the professionals attending are York alumni – so a great chance to discuss your next steps with someone who’s been in your shoes.

There’s no need to book, but it helps if you do – we can then order enough refreshments for everyone!

Check out further details, including who’s going to be there at Working in web page.

Science and Technology Careers Newsletter: win £4,000, talk to Careers staff, volunteering work experience

Departmental Careers Events: Weeks 2 – 5 (12 Jan – 6 Feb)

These events are specifically tailored to your department – don’t miss out!


  • First years – Introduction to Careers! Wed 14 Jan, 3-4pm PX/001
  • Introduction to the Employability Tutorial, Fri 23 Jan, 1-2pm, G/169


  • First years – Everything you need to know about Careers NOW!  Thu 15 Jan, 2-3pm G/169
  • Getting Work Experience, Wed 21 Jan, 11am-12pm, D/L/028


  • First years – Everything you need to know about Careers NOW!  Thu 15 Jan, 3-4pm C/A/101


  • First years – Everything you need to know about Careers NOW!  Mon 19 Jan, 4-5pm B/020


  • First years – Introduction to employability, Tue 27 Jan, 10:00 – 11:30am or 11:30 – 1pm (Please note – students are allocated to a specific session) B/R/012

Computer Science

  • Final years and Masters – CV Writing Weds 28 Jan, 1:30pm – 2:30pm (Book by selecting this in your Employability Audit and venue details will then be forwarded to you)
  • Final years and Masters – Interview Training Weds 11 Feb, 1:30pm – 2:30pm (Book by selecting this in your Employability Audit and venue details will then be forwarded to you)
  • Careers appointments on Heslington East campus Thur 29 Jan 1pm – 2:30pm (Book via Careers Gateway)
  • First years – What you need to know about Careers NOW! Thur 12 Feb 1:30pm – 2:30pm CSE/270


  • First years – what you need to know about Careers now! Tue 20 Jan, 1 – 2pm, P/L/001
    Thales – mock assessment centre for second year students
    Thur 22 January 12 – 2pm, D/L/036 – you must book place in advance


  • Second years – Internships, work experience and careers Wed 21 Jan 11am – 12 noon P/L/001


Science and Technology Careers Snippets

Advice from employers specifically to Maths students A series of videos from employers giving advice on what they are looking for in a graduate, what experience it is useful to have and explanations of industrial placements and graduate schemes.

Explore a variety of careers in Science and Research. Profiles of up to 39 careers based in science and research including how to get started and what’s involved.

Search for a Star programming competition for students who want to break into the games industry. Applications need to be in by 15 January!

NHS Scientist Training Programme for Medical Physics event, Friday 16 January, Newcastle. An opportunity to meet current STP trainees and talk about their experiences, as well as discovering more about unique opportunities available and how to apply! To find out more click

NHS STP – applications now open. Deadline 30 January.

Looking for an internship or year in industry placement ? Try the Cogent website

Environmental careers update – the ENDS website has some useful reports on the state of the environmental careers market.


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