New online newsletter for international students at York


This term we have launched a new online careers newsletter for international students at York. We will be posting lots of news that will help you to make the most of your time while you are here, as well as planning your future. It will include events, international student careers news, guest blogs, success stories and lots more.

Although the content is primarily focused on international students issues, EU students may find some of the content useful too.

Check it out now – and if you want to get regular updates just submit your email address in the “follow us” section – you will get an email alert when new content is published.

You could be our next case study!

If you are an international student at York with an career related success story – let us know and we will share it to encourage other students.  Maybe you have have taken part in a great volunteering experience, have secured a valuable internship, or won an award?  Let us know by emailing us – – and we will share your success.


Questions about working in the UK after your degree?

Are you an international student thinking about staying in the UK at the end of your studies?  Are you confused about your options?

We can help! Bring your questions about finding work in the UK  to us between 10.30am and 12.30pm on the following days and we will do out best to answer them:


  • Wednesday 6 July
  • Tuesday 12 July
  • Wednesday 20 July
  • Wednesday 27 July


  • Wednesday 3 August
  • Wednesday 10 August
  • Wednesday 17 August
  • Tuesday 23  August
  • Wednesday 31 August


  • Wednesday 7 September
  • Wednesday 14 September

These are informal drop ins – you don’t need an appointment, just come along to the Careers building on Campus West.  You can either come and talk to us one-to one or in a small group with friends.

Although we are not able to give immigration advice, we can provide information to explain your options, clarify anything you are not sure about and help you understand how you might look for work that meet the conditions for visa sponsorship.

Latest Careers News – Summer Week 10

ideaLatest news from Careers

Don’t worry, we are open through the Summer Vacation!

There are appointments running through the Summer, but on a reduced scale. Please see the ‘Appointments this week’ for the duty times and the  vacation opening times on the website for when we are open.

Coming soon…

We will be running weekly drop-in appointments for International students who have questions about working in the UK after their studies. Check the website for more details.

Don’t miss out…

With the end of exam season and a long summer holiday ahead, make the most of your summer and get #GradJobReady! Internship opportunities come in a variety of flavours, so take a look and find the right one for you.

Be sure to keep an eye out on the Careers Gateway (Exclusive Opportunities @York tab) for Student Internship Bureau (SIB) opportunities currently being advertised. You can also keep up to date by liking our Facebook Page.

In other news…

UoY Careers newspaper illyExternal events and news you might be interested in


Altum Consulting  have recently launched their CSR program for 2016: The Altumate Challenge 2016 They are looking for entrants who wish to undertake an amazing adventure this year and raise money for a registered charity. They are offering the winner £5000 towards the cost of undertaking their challenge. They are also offering a further £1,000 towards their charitable fundraising target.

Opportunity for Hong Kong students

A partner organisation of the British Council, UK Joint University HK Career Society is providing a ‘Hire Graduates Channel’ together with Classified Post, Hong Kong’s leading online recruitment portal. This channel is only available to Hong Kong students studying in the UK, and recent Hong Kong graduates. Please register at

In addition, the UK Joint University HK Career Society is organising a recruitment fair to be held on August 6th in Hong Kong, with over 20 major employers attending. Students who are registered will receive details about the fair.

Latest Careers News – Summer week 4


Don’t miss out…

  • Applications are open NOW until Sunday Week 5 for a York Students in Communities placement.  Click here to see what’s on offer
  • Tier 5 Toolkit update for international students wanting to work in the UK
  • York Profiles & Mentors is a career profiles and mentoring tool for University of York students, created by Careers and York Alumni Association.



In other news…

UoY Careers newspaper illyExternal events and competitions you might be interested in:

  1. Free online coursesgreat MOOCs you could do this year
  2. Trendence survey: What do you want to do in your future career? Complete the survey to have the chance to win a year of Netflix.
  3. Find out about Sky via their Behind the scenes blog (and then talk to them at the fairs on Wednesday and Thursday this week).
  4. China Students Career and Education Expo, London 28 Nov, offered by the Cathay Association/Mandarin Consulting – an opportunity for Chinese students to explore careers opportunities in China.
  5. Spin your thesis annual competition – the European Space Agency has opened their call for proposals for students to conduct research in state-of-the-art hyper- and microgravity research facilities, deadline 17 Nov.

中国留学生: 毕业之后回国找工作 – 来自于Careers Service的帮助

你知道Careers Service官网有很多帮助中国留学生回国找工作的资源么?如果不知道的话, 让我们一起去看看里面都包含一些什么吧

为了找到相关的页面, 首先, 你需要登陆到Careers的官网,然后,点击 International students,点击进去,你就可以找到很多关于国际学生找工作的有用资源。这个页面可以带 你进入到International Students的页面,然后你点击Returning Home。在页面的右侧,有 Focus on China的信息,这个是专门针对中国留学生的。点击那个链接,你就可以找到你需 要的页面啦!

这个页面包含了很多有用的资源比如一些链接和社交资源。例如,在Researching部分,你 可以找到一些有用的指导书籍, 里面介绍了中国就业情形和提供了一些找工作的建议,所 以,在申请工作之前,你需要做一些这方面的研究工作,帮助你更好的找到工作

除此之外,有一些找工作的网站链接也是很有用的。你们应该都很熟悉一些网站比如 和 这些网站上面包含了很多招聘信息,所以你可以去这 些网站找到你需要的信息。除此之外,你可能会认为在英国读书和在国内的大学读书相比 较而言,缺乏了一些社交资源,而这些社交资源恰好在你找工作的时候是十分重要的。 在 中国,大公司一般都有正规的录取流程,但是一些中小企业主要通过社交渠道去招聘人才 但是,你不需要担心你会缺少类似的社交资源,因为即使你在英国读书,你也可以接触到 中国的就业信息,比如通过Chopsticks Club – 这是一个以英国为基础的,囊括中国和英国就 业信息的网站 相信你可以在上面找到有用的信息。

最重要的是,你可以使用 York Profile database 和约克大学的校友建立联系,询问他们关于 找工作的信息和技巧。你可以通过查看他们的简历,去了解中国的就业市场和学习找工作 的技巧 并且 他们当中的有些人还会提供联系方式,这样的话,你就可以通过他们的联系 方式,私信给他们,去问一些你不懂的问题。

以上的这些仅仅是一个关于怎么搜索就业信息的简单介绍, 更多有用的资源还需要你去发掘 和学习,快快行动起来,去发现有用的资源吧 祝你好运!如果你有任何问题或者建议,欢 迎发邮件到 告诉我们哦!(in English please!)