Guest blog: Finding a placement

Guest blog written by Miles Thorp, digital Director at Banana Moon, personalised clothing company

So, the hunt begins. How are you feeling? Overwhelmed? Excited? Stressed? I remember feeling all the above when I was looking for a placement. Feeling like someone slapped me round the face every time I got rejected and oh boy, there were a few rejections. Since then I’ve had the pleasure of seeing the placement process from both sides. Finding and doing a placement and hiring and mentoring placement students. I can’t help but think, if only I knew then what I know now. If I could take all the best bits from the applications I’ve reviewed and the students I’ve worked with, finding a placement would have been a piece of cake! Here are some actionable next steps to help relieve some of your stress.

The why

Why do you want to do a placement? This should be the first question you answer. The reason behind getting a placement will help you decide on the type of company you want to work at and it will also help you plan for the worst-case scenario.

Action 1: Define 3 reasons why you want to do a placement

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Guest blog: How to fast-track your placement year application

Guest blog written by Jessica Murray, Content Creator at Debut

Thinking about applying for a placement year? Wise decision, my friend. A placement year is a sure fire way to build your network, develop some valuable skills and graduate from university with experience that will make you super employable.

But while that’s all well and good, it’s the application that’s the tricky part, right? There’s no denying that some placement roles can be competitive, but don’t let that put you off.

We’ve got loads of top tips for applying (as well as loads of placement year opportunities up for grabs on our app), so why not make 2018 the year you step outside your comfort zone and bag your dream opportunity?

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GUEST BLOG: Why do you want to work for this company?

 Guest blog written by: Jane Dowson, Student Recruitment Advisor at EY

Why do you want to work for our company?” – What are employers looking for when they ask this question?

It’s a question that you’re going to hear for years to come when you enter the world of employment. “Why do you want to work for our company? It’s also a question that many people find really difficult to answer, but it shouldn’t be. The fact is that employers merely looking for the truth.

Why do we ask these question to begin with?

Simply put, employers get a huge amount of interest for a small amount of roles. Many initial applications are quite clearly copied and pasted and speculatively sent around an array of other organisations too. These are easy to spot and immediately raise concerns that the candidate doesn’t really know, or worse, care what they are actually applying for. Asking the question means we can find out whether you really do want to come and work for us.

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GUEST BLOG: A guide to graduate job applications

UoY Careers Balloon illy Guest blog written by Matt Anerich, Content Writer at Inspiring Interns

It can be a scary time of the year, with exams and the impending world of graduate careers starting to open up. But you’ll be surprised how becalming taking some steps towards applications can be.

The most important tip? Start doing them! You’ll learn so much about the process of applying by simply starting to fill applications in, and your confidence around researching and filling out those all important forms will grow with every one you write.

Of course, it’s important to prioritise, and make sure that you don’t start with your dream job. As you learn the ropes, and go through a few application processes, you’ll have received some feedback and will be ready to bring your A-game to the jobs that you care about the most. Continue reading

CAREERS BLOG: Putting pen to paper – York Award applications (for 2016 grads)

UoY Careers Imagine the possibilities LARGE dark green Careers blog written by Jo Gee, York Award Restructuring Officer 

As the deadline for York Award applications from 2016 graduates approaches (Friday 22 January 5pm!) it can be difficult to find the best way to articulate all the skills you have developed and still stick to answering the questions asked.  You have probably got so much to tell us about it’s hard to know how to start.  Here are a few tips to help you with your application.

Understand the process

Get to grips with the assessment process and allot points to your different experiences to make it to the magic 100.  Then you need to tell us about how exactly you have gained the skills so precious to employers.

Read the questions

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STUDENT BLOG: Applying to the BBC

UoY Careers Rocket illy Student blog written by Grace Winpenny, TFTV

BBC PTS Application Process – from the VRT to the first round of interviews!

The Verbal Reasoning Test

I was extremely surprised to receive an invitation to complete the VRT around mid-January 2015. We had a week to complete the test and had the opportunity to do practice tests. I did the practice test and performed abysmally. I then did as many other free practice tests as I could find, read anything, and did practise 11+ Grammar School tests to get in the right mind set. I completed the test in the silent area of the library the night before the deadline, turned all social media off and concentrated fully on the test. Use all the time and put an answer for everything, even if you are guessing – it’s multiple choice!

Tip – have your screen at its biggest so you can see your remaining time as well as the questions! Also, do the practice tests in the same conditions as you will do your actual test. Do the test in good time, if there’s a technical fault you need to be as stress-free as possible to perform to your full potential.

At the end of February (after weeks of hearing nothing, whilst some of my friends had received ‘no’s) I received a phone call from a private number inviting me to interview! I remember squealing loudly with excitement but not much else. Fortunately they sent all the required information through email and on the Careers Hub page. This was the general gist of what it said:

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CAREERS BLOG: Planning ahead or cutting it fine?

UoY Careers Imagine the possibilities LARGE dark green Careers blog written by Irena Zientek, Information Resources Manager, Careers

Thank you to all those who have applied for the York Award this term. It’s always heartening to see lots of final year students, who have been involved with so many activities during their time at York, and who recognise the value of the Award.

We couldn’t let the deadline pass by without giving the following feedback, which will hopefully stand people in good stead when applying for jobs or further courses.

We received over 350 applications, but interestingly, 250 of those were submitted on the actual deadline day (with a significant proportion being handed in during the last hour and a half).

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