Careers blog: Why should I do a summer internship?

 Careers blog written by Cara Close, Graduate Intern – Student Engagement  & Communications, Careers

With exams (almost) over and summer holidays just around the corner, it’s all too easy to forget about responsibilities for a while and let the months breeze by.

However, you will thank your past self at your graduation by using this free time to be productive. Summer is a great time to get work experience in the career you are interested in, and has too many benefits to pass up on.

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GUEST BLOG: My internship in China

Guest blog written by Muchun Liao, York second-year undergraduatUoY Careers Imagine the possibilities LARGE dark greene

After entering my university life, I found myself a little bit unclear about what I would like to do and what I can do for my career plans. Interning through CRCC was my first working experience and it became a great and unforgotten opportunity as my very first starting point for my future career plans.

During the time while I worked as an intern in Women’s Watch-China (now changed its name to Beijing Qianqian Law Firm) gave me many perspectives about NGOs and charities in China. My daily duties were to find and track violation of women’s rights in major cases and events, support litigation and non-litigation activities across the world and then update relevant news articles, information regarding women’s groups, research reports, and achievements. Also, sometimes I might need to communicate and contact with relevant domestic and foreign organizations, as well as join other NGOs, experts, and the media in promoting reform and advancing women’s rights in the legal system. And it was really pleasing for me to meet some staff from EU and UN Women during my internship.

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CAREERS BLOG: Ten tips for a graduate internship

UoY Careers Imagine the possibilities LARGE dark greenCareers blog written by Nicola Haydon, Graduate Intern: Marketing and Information Support, Careers

Just over a year ago I graduated with very little idea of what I wanted to do next. I had work experience in a range of different areas, but this meant that there wasn’t anything in particular that I had specialised in. Fast forward to the end of the summer, and I had secured a role as a graduate marketing intern in the University of York Careers team. Now I have come to the end of my contract I have a few tips to share if you are heading into a graduate internship…

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CAREERS BLOG: Work experience – getting ready for Summer

UoY Careers Imagine the possibilities LARGE dark green Blog written by Irena Zientek, Information Resources Manager, Careers

Work experience – how important is it? In a word – very.

Many employers will take it for granted that you will graduate with a good class degree, but what many of them will be particularly interested in is what experience you can bring to the role.

You don’t need to be a seasoned worker. Employers look for what experience you have when recruiting , because it shows you have some idea of what it’s like to be in the work place and you will have gained some skills to use in their company.

Work experience is also a good way for you to try out different types of work in a sector, to see if it’s really the job or company for you. You can also make some valuable contacts through work experience – ones which could be useful when you’re looking for that graduate job for when you finish your studies.

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GUEST BLOG: How to Get an Internship at an SME

UoY Careers Balloon illy Guest blog written by Written by Catherine Moolenschot, Marketing Executive at Inspiring Interns.

A 2014 LinkedIn study asked students what they value most when considering a job. The results show that students value work/life balance most, closely followed by benefits, company culture, clear career progression, and a sense of pride about where you work (as fifth out of five). An SME is the best place to experience this kind of culture. But how do you get an internship there? 


Research the different industries you are interested in – a useful tool to do that is the graduate weapons series, which breaks down each industry and what you need to know about working there. While researching ask yourself: What kind of SME do I want to work at? What aligns with my values? What experience will help me in my career?

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CAREERS BLOG: Volunteering – What’s the Point?

UoY Careers Imagine the possibilities LARGE dark greenCareers blog written by Beth Matthews, Grad intern, Volunteering Project Support Officer

I first became a volunteer when I was doing my GCSEs and contacted a local playgroup charity asking to come in for a few hours per week. My reasons were, on the most part, selfish – I wanted something to put on my currently blank CV and hopefully get myself a part time job. What I wasn’t expecting was to stay with the charity for a five years, sitting on committee meetings, fundraising, organising events and becoming a valued member of the team until I finished school and moved on to the University of York.

By this time my motivation for getting involved in volunteering projects was completely different, I chose to take part in a broad range of opportunities that were available to me with the hope of meeting new people with similar interests. I said yes to as many things as I thought I could fit around my degree, completing a primary school placement with York Students in Schools (YSIS), mentoring year eleven students through the Girls Enrichment Mentoring Scheme, spending nights on shift with inebriated students as a (very sober) Night Safe volunteer, and helping to start a brand new student led group.

Throughout these placements and projects I worked with teachers, business partners, fellow students, the police, MPs and charities to deliver workshops with young people, organise events and launch social media campaigns. In short, if I stripped away all of the people I met and experiences I had from getting involved as a volunteer at York, I really wouldn’t have much to say about my time here apart from lectures and long library sessions.

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Win a BUNAC travel internship

BUNAC are currently running a competition to win an exciting BUNAC Travel Internship, travelling to three countries over two months this summer, and could be the winner! This is an excellent opportunity for you to gain a global perspective and gain international experience for your CV.

One lucky winner will journey to North America visiting BUNAC participants on our Summer Camp USA and Work America programmes. They’ll also spend time in Canada catching up with BUNACers on working holidays and venture to Costa Rica for an awesome experience soaking up the exotic jungles and extraordinary wildlife. They’ll be blogging and vlogging along the way, and finish their internship back in our Head Office in London.

The prize includes:

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