CAREERS BLOG: Careers in writing (part 2 – Literary Agent)

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Next in our series covering careers in writing, we look at the work of a Literary Agent.

What do they do? 

A few things:

  • Discover new authors.
  • Provide editorial feedback and help authors to polish their work before submitting to publishers.
  • Pitch books to publishers, negotiate fees, process all the legal work.
  • Provide on-going support to authors and act as the liaison between author and publisher. 

Who would you work for? 

A literary agency, rather than a publishing firm.


Are there actually any jobs in this sector? 

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Help for new writers starting their writing careers

If you feel you have the passion to create and share stories, but are worried that this is not a “serious” career idea, then there is good news! Curtis Brown, the renowned literary agency who represents established authors like John le Carré and Margaret Atwood has recently launched a new site aimed at aspiring authors.

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