Latest Careers news – Summer, Week 7

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Get that job

Job hunting toolkit for Final Year students – practical advice on finding jobs and understanding what employers look for in job applicants.

York Profiles and Mentors – connect with York graduates and use their experience to understand a range of jobs, industries and sectors.

CV and Interview Guides – information about and examples of different styles of CVs, and practise your interview technique with an interview simulator.

Careers appointments, CV reviews and mock interviews are available throughout the Summer Term. To decide which appointment is best for you, visit the Get advice page and then book through Careers Gateway.


CAREERS BLOG: York profiles & mentors

UoY Careers Imagine the possibilities LARGE dark green Careers blog written by Sue Russell, Information Assistant, Careers

York Profiles & Mentors is a careers profiles and mentoring tool for University of York students, created by Careers and York Alumni Association.

Further information can be found here:

…but in brief

  • Current University of York students can write a profile about work experience and internships for other students to read.
  • York Graduates can submit a profile about where they are working, how they found and applied for the job, and what their job involves to help current students learn about different occupations.

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CAREERS BLOG: Hidden web gems

UoY Careers Imagine the possibilities LARGE dark greenCareers blog written by Irena Zientek, Information Resources Manager, Careers

If you’ve so much as peeked at our website, you’ll know there’s a lot of information on there and sometimes, really useful pages can get lost among the rest of the site. So you don’t miss out on these hidden web gems, we’d like to highlight just some of them for you.

1. Careers timeline

Sometimes you just need a pointer to get an idea of what you should be doing and when.

You’re a final year undergrad – what’s the most important things to be thinking about in the Spring Term? First year student wanting some ideas of what to try to help you get experience and skills? The Timeline can help suggest some interesting and useful activities whatever stage you’re at.

It’s also got weekly careers events listed and links to some great stuff. You can search by year of study / particular term / individual week.

2. Information sheets

Long, text-heavy web pages can be too overwhelming, but short ones just don’t give you enough detail.

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How to get that desirable job


A recent YouGov survey found the top 10 most desired jobs in the UK were:

  • Author
  • Librarian
  • Academic
  • Lawyer
  • Interior designer
  • Journalist
  • Doctor
  • TV presenter
  • Train driver
  • Teacher.

Are any of these your dream job? If so, do you know how to get that job? Careers can help with information and advice:

We can also help if your ideal career isn’t one of the ones listed here. So check out our website for lots of useful resources and contact us if you need more help.