Write a blog and win a seminar place

Karian and Box are hosting Mobilise, a seminar on workforce engagement.

Write a short blog for Karian and Box’s website about emplyee engagement in today’s workplace to win a free place at the conference. This is a great opportunity to network with business leaders and learn about the world of engagement and intenal communications.


Derwent Student Development Seminars – learn from York graduates

  • Week 2 – Monday 29 April, “Building your Skills at University”, 
  • Week 4 – Thursday 16 May, “Enterprise in the Third Sector”

Derwent College will be hosting two seminars aimed at helping you to reflect on the skills and experiences you might gain at university outside of your academic course – and looking at how these can help to inform and support your future career choices.

Each event will consist of three speakers and will be followed by free drinks and a chance to talk to the speakers.  Although the events are being run by Derwent College, all students are welcome to attend.

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