GUEST BLOG: Insight into Theatre Education 

UoY Careers Rocket illy Notes compiled by Kate Copland, Careers Adviser, based on a talk from… Elvi Piper, Creative Education Coordinator at the West Yorkshire Playhouse, who gave a snapshot of her role and some tips for working in the sector.

Working in theatre

  • All staff are perceived as artists within the organisation, including administrators, technical staff and the person in charge of their twitter account!
  • Passion for the job is absolutely essential and she explained that “work and play are combined”, so although she may start work at 8am and finish sometimes as late as 10pm, she would want to be attending performances in her spare time anyway, so it doesn’t feel like “work”
  • Arts education and development is actually a growing area within theatre work, as a lot of funding is being directed towards this type of work.

Other less obvious roles in theatre it’s worth considering include

  • Audience Development
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Programming (designing what will be shown)
  • Producer (admin roles can lead to this)
  • Arts co-ordinator
  • Arts assistant.

What does a Creative Education Co-ordinator do? 

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Welcome back to York for the first week of Freshers 2013! You still have Freshers Fairs ahead of you (we’ll see you there at the Careers stand) as well as a much needed lie-in on Sunday morning to enjoy before getting down to work next Monday.

Don’t forget to come by next week and check out the resources available in our rebranded Information Room. We’re always happy for you to use the space for study and career planning, so be brave and come say:

Rebranded building

Blood + Chocolate

We’re hugely excited this week by the success that Blood + Chocolate is enjoying (running 3-20 October). This production has 180 cast members, who greet you on the streets of York as you listen through headphones to the stories of the individuals in the crowd around you.

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CAREER NUGGET: Who is theatre for and how can it survive extreme funding cuts?

These questions are considered in a recent article which uses York’s upcoming production of Blood & Chocolate as an example of excellence. Instead of being a bourgeois pastime of the rich, set in grand buildings, removed from the general public, Blood & Chocolate’s innovative production sets theatre in the streets and includes both local amateurs as well as professionals in its cast and crew. Making theatre relevant to the wider community will, it is hoped, result in more people enjoying theatre and help keep it alive…

Free playwriting course

Do you have a story to tell? Street Voice 4 is a free playwriting course for emerging writers at the beginning of their careers – anyone who would value a supported approach to writing for the theatre and performance.

The course runs from October 2012 to February 2013 and workshops will take place at weekends in Bradford and Barnsley.

For more information on how to apply, visit

Deadline: 7 September 2012.

Guardian Careers live Q&A sessions – sales, after a politics degree, working in theatre

We’ve got a great selection of live Q&As coming up on the site this week – hope to see you there.

Quiz the sales executives: What does it take to succeed in a sales role? We’ve asked a panel of experts to share their expertise in a live Q&A – they’ll be offering careers advice on Wednesday 12 October from 1pm:

What to do with a degree in politics: Explore the range of careers choices available to politics graduates and the employers who’ll value your expertise in a live Q&A on Thursday 13 October:

How to get a job in the theatre: A panel of experts who’ve been there, done that and got the ticket stub will be answering your questions about careers in the theatre in a live Q&A on Friday 14 October:

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