My placement experience (part 2)

 Focusing in on your placement year search, the application process and decisions based around getting a placement alongside your studies can raise lots of questions. We have advice from another student who has been where you are now and has completed her placement year and returned for her final year of study.

Lucy, Management Student, Digital Marketing Placement at Warner Bros.

I knew I wanted to do Digital Marketing, I have my own blog and was really passionate about getting a placement to help me stand out in the graduate market when applying for digital marketing roles in the future. I was really passionate about going into a field I was interested in so used that to narrow my search. I applied to 5 placements, but with my first application I was rejected. I ended up getting an offer from both L’Oreal and Warner Bros. and had to decide which company was the best fit for me. I chose Warner Bros. because the placement was a broader role within Digital Marketing which is what I wanted.

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GUEST BLOG: Five top tips to make your job application stand out

 Guest blog written by Liz Jarrold, Enterprise Rent-a-Car

So you’ve done your research, you know the company you want to work for and you’ve found your ideal role. Now it’s time to take the first official step to starting your new career. Here are five top tips to help you with your online application.

Tip 1: Apply Now

At Enterprise, our graduate management trainee programme  is open all year round but it is important to leave enough time to apply for your chosen location. A timely application demonstrates your organisational skills, your commitment and your eagerness, and think how good it would feel to have received a graduate job offer before you set up camp in the library at the end of your second semester?

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GUEST BLOG: Landing your dream job

ibm-blog-image Guest blog written by Kate, placement student at IBM. She is working within the recruitment attractions team with a heavy focus on the marketing side.

Only four months into my placement I feel I have gained a plethora of knowledge when it comes to the recruitment process in general, so I thought I’d share my top five tips for landing yourself your dream career.

Tip One – Personalistion: Most application forms will have a designated area for you to share why exactly you want to work for that specific organisation. Make it personal, naming specific products, projects, people, advertisements, initiatives or strategies. Try this – if you remove the company name from your answers and still feel the content could be applicable to other organisations, it’s not personal enough! Continue reading

CAREERS BLOG: Ten tips for a graduate internship

UoY Careers Imagine the possibilities LARGE dark greenCareers blog written by Nicola Haydon, Graduate Intern: Marketing and Information Support, Careers

Just over a year ago I graduated with very little idea of what I wanted to do next. I had work experience in a range of different areas, but this meant that there wasn’t anything in particular that I had specialised in. Fast forward to the end of the summer, and I had secured a role as a graduate marketing intern in the University of York Careers team. Now I have come to the end of my contract I have a few tips to share if you are heading into a graduate internship…

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CAREERS BLOG: Top 5 tips for handling rejection

UoY Careers Imagine the possibilities LARGE dark greenCareers blog written by Nicola Haydon, Graduate Intern: Marketing and Information Support, Careers

Being rejected after a job interview (or anywhere in the job application process for that matter) is completely normal. Everyone has some sort of rejection story, and whilst it can hurt and knock your confidence, it’s important to bounce back and stay resilient so that it doesn’t affect your future applications. Here are five top tips for handling rejection:

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CAREERS BLOG: Demonstrating commercial awareness

UoY Careers Imagine the possibilities LARGE dark green Careers blog written by Kate Morris, Careers Consultant, Careers

Commercial awareness is a term many employers use, but what is it and how can you show employers you have it?

Commercial awareness is an understanding of how businesses work and what makes them successful. It’s key to be able to recognise a company’s external context and the pressures and opportunities it faces.

How can you demonstrate commercial awareness in an application or interview? 

  • It’s really important to give an opinion and try to answer commercial awareness questions. Employers would prefer you give an opinion and get it wrong, rather than having no opinions!
  • Take an interest in current affairs and the world around you, so you’ve got a basic understanding of key issues. This will help you if you need to improvise in an interview.
  • When reading news articles try to think about it from a business perspective. Don’t just memorise articles or stats and figures, try to analyse them and consider the implications as if you were already doing that role. Editorials are very useful as they have more analysis.
  • Find stories you are genuinely interested in! You will be able to write/ speak about them with more enthusiasm, which is something employers will be looking for.
  • Sign up to email alerts from the FT (or other business publications), reading it regularly so you’re familiar with business news items and follow up any stories of particular interest.
  • Develop your understanding of commercial terms, use if you don’t know what a word means. This really helps build confidence and is very useful at interviews and case study exercises.

Example commercial awareness questions:

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GUEST BLOG: How to get a job in marketing – tips for assessment centres

UoY Careers Balloon illy Guest blog from Victoria Plum, online bathroom retailer.

This is an article following two successful candidates journey’s though the Victoria Plumb graduate interview process. They offer tips and advice of what to expect at an assessment day, and how to successfully make a lasting impression on an employer. 

What to expect at an assessment day 

Individual Tasks:

Candidates were asked to bring in an email that had they had recently received that made them both open it and then visit the website/mobile site. They were then asked to prepare a short presentation about what was engaging and what they liked about it. This task was designed to assess candidate’s presentation and communication skills.

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