Avoid those awkward questions this Christmas!

present green Careers blog written by Irena Zientek, Operations Manager: Information & Engagement, Careers and Placements

On Christmas Day, after the turkey has been eaten, the presents have been ripped open and you’re recovering from too much pud, you can slouch into the sofa and breathe a sigh of contentment.

However, the Christmas vacation isn’t all about groaning at Christmas cracker jokes and watching festive celebrity editions of Pointless. It will probably bring you some slightly less seasonal activities too – you might have course work to complete or revision to begin. You may also have to fend off those tricky questions from parents, aunts and uncles. You know the ones – “what are you going to do after you finish at University?”, “have you started applying for jobs?”

Make time this vacation (before Christmas takes over) to take some positive steps, so you can answer those questions with confidence!

Unsure what career is for you?

Start to Get ideas from the web page of the same name! Our Career planning info sheet has lots of exercises and resources to help – you don’t need to look at them all, but there should be something useful for you to try.

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CAREERS BLOG EXTRA: A little something for Hallowe’en!


Professor Ben D Penn (for those who remember him!) and friend get into the Hallowe’en ‘spirit’

Trick or treat?!  

As Hallowe’en’s witching hour approaches, it’s time to gather around the flickering fire and chill your blood with some truly ghastly horror stories, courtesy of our resident ‘ghost writer’!

Our first tale of terror…

You’re on your own. There’s no one around – the house is eerily deserted. The night has fallen and, as the wind whistles down the chimney, you feel the icy hand of fear clutching at your heart. You’re all alone and fearful for your future.

All your friends are busy applying for graduate jobs, but you’ve not even started thinking about life after uni. Argh!

How about another spooky story?

They stare at you with a keenness in their eyes that makes your heart beat faster. The trickle of sweat pricks your forehead and you breathe harder, not knowing what to do or say. You fear them, convinced they’ll pull you apart mercilessly. How can you escape?

The interview panel are asking questions you don’t have the answer to – can you talk about a time when you’ve had to use creative thinking in a problem solving situation? Argh!

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Job hunting for graduates

 Careers blog written by Kelly McDonald, Careers and Placements

This week we’re thinking about job hunting – there are lots of job sites out there, but here are a few resources to help you get started.

Our website has a section to help you look for your first graduate job, and more on what the recruitment process is likely to include.

If you’re keen to stay in York(shire), Yorkshire Graduates advertises vacancies in the region. Other regional sites include Inspiring Interns (for Manchester and the north of England, as well as London), Graduate Advantage (Midlands), Unlocking Potential (Cornwall); if you’re using national sites, eg Graduate Talent Pool, you can often filter by location.

Our Job hunting toolkit breaks the task down into manageable steps and gives you tips on how to understand what employers are looking for in the job ads you find.

You might feel you’re not ready to start job-hunting yet, and need more time to be sure of your direction. We’ll be exploring possible directions in future blogs, so look out for those.

Web Highlights #1: Using Careers Gateway


Careers blog written by Mandy Simmons, Careers Information Officer

There’s lots of useful information on the Careers website, but not everyone’s aware of the great resources available. So, welcome to the first in a series of web page highlights, to help you make the most of what’s on offer. First we start with the basics… Careers Gateway.

What is Careers Gateway?

Careers Gateway allows you find jobs, book appointments, find out about events and tell us what emails you want to receive from us.  Setting your email preferences is easy and it means that when we sent out targeted emails about an event you won’t miss out   You can also set it to notify you when new vacancies matching your interests are added.

Job Vacancies

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Latest news from Careers

idea Latest news from Careers

We’re still open during the Easter vacation

  • Monday 14 March – Friday 8 April
    Open: Monday – Thursday, 10.00am – 4.00pm
  • Closed:
    Every Friday
    Tuesday 15 March, 2.30pm – 4.00pm (staff meeting)
    Tuesday 22 March, 10.00am – 1.00pm (staff training)
    Monday 28 March (Easter Monday bank holiday) 

Appointments with our Careers Consultants will still be available. See Careers Gateway or our Opening Times webpage to see when they are taking place

Easter is a perfect time to…

  1. Enter Plan ENVY. Our business idea competition is open to all students and recent graduates from the University. The top prize is £2000. Further information and the application form can be found on the Enterprise website. Deadline for applications is 29th April
  2. Apply to get some classroom based experience in a local school. YSIS block placements are full time placements over the last two weeks of summer term. Apply online via the Exclusive Opportunities @York tab on Careers Gateway.  The deadline is Sunday 17th April.
  3. Update your CV in preparation for the Summer Recruitment fair next term. We have lots of resources to help you with your CV including:


Careers latest news – Spring, Week 7

idea Latest news from Careers

Volunteering deadlines

  • Deadline for applications to YSIS Student Managers – Sunday 21 Feb. Application form available from the YSIS web pages.
  • Deadline for @Work – Sunday 21 Feb. Application form available from the @Work web page.

Brush up your skills

Last chance to attend two skills courses running this week…

  • Business ethics (the course is delivered in partnership with Hiscox) – develop an understanding of your ethical views and the impact of the working world upon them
  • Numerical reasoning tests – with many employers using these in their recruitment processes, you don’t want to miss this!

Latest news and vacancies

Careers latest news – Spring, Week 5

idea Latest news from Careers

Volunteer in the local community

We are recruiting student volunteers to work in local schools and community organisations during the summer term. Placements can fit around your timetable and will only take a few hours of your time each week. We have community placements in a range of organisations including heritage, conservation and public sector.
York Students in Communities and York Students in Schools are still open for applications until Sunday Week 5 (7th Feb)

@Work summer term team projects (for students from Education, English & Related Literature, History of Art, and Politics) open for applications on 1 February. Over 30 projects to get involved in across research, marketing, publishing, social justice, heritage and events.  Find out more on the @Work webpage
Look out for…
23 FebruaryWorking in… Advertising, marketing & PR / Health / Criminal justice. Find out what’s it like to work in these sectors by meeting York alumni and professionals. More info on the What’s on page.