Gradintel welcomes talented York graduates!

Fantastic news!

Following our Summer Recruitment Day just 3 weeks ago, two talented York finalists have bagged themselves full-time jobs with local technology company Gradintel. This is in addition to two York students currently working as summer interns for the company, who were recruited via Careers’ Student Internship Bureau scheme.

What great news – and what undeniable proof that attending Careers fairs can pay off!

Take a look at the full article here. 

GUEST BLOG: Does your degree have to match your career path?

UoY Careers Balloon illy Guest blog written by Joe Hill, Content & Online PR Executive.

Having a maths degree on your CV when applying for a fashion role might not seem like a match in heaven, but don’t be discouraged. Skills can be transferred from unlikely places, with past education and employment being invaluable in all professional experiences.

We recently spoke to three members of staff at fashion retailer bonprix about how their different career paths led them up to working in fashion. Offline Campaign Manager, Rosie; Project Manager, Lydia; and Marketing Services Manager, Paul discuss their experience, and what they would look for in an employee.


How did you get into your current role and why?

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Urban Outfitters Careers Day – Tuesday 7 July

Urban Outfitters are holding a careers day at their Manchester store this Tuesday between 1pm and 6pm.

As well as Sales Associates, they are looking for people to fill roles as Store Managers, Head Office roles and Head Office internships.

Bring your CV and/or portfolio to the Manchester Store

42-43 Market Street,

Manchester Arndale Shopping Centre,


M1 1WR

Find out more about the type of roles they offer on the Urban Outfitters website

GUEST BLOG: How to get a job in marketing – tips for assessment centres

UoY Careers Balloon illy Guest blog from Victoria Plum, online bathroom retailer.

This is an article following two successful candidates journey’s though the Victoria Plumb graduate interview process. They offer tips and advice of what to expect at an assessment day, and how to successfully make a lasting impression on an employer. 

What to expect at an assessment day 

Individual Tasks:

Candidates were asked to bring in an email that had they had recently received that made them both open it and then visit the website/mobile site. They were then asked to prepare a short presentation about what was engaging and what they liked about it. This task was designed to assess candidate’s presentation and communication skills.

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Achieving Excellence Bursaries

Funded by York’s alumni and friends community through philanthropic donations, Achieving Excellence Bursaries aim to remove some of the financial barriers that students at York might face in accessing opportunities that give them a head start in the job market.

For details about the bursaries, including eligibility and how to apply, visit the web page.

GUEST BLOG: Software lifecycle career options

UoY Careers Balloon illy Guest blog written by: Jeff Cunliffe, Director, Automation Consultants

Career opportunities in computer science are good. The economic recovery is boosting job prospects, and coupled with the nationwide skills shortage in STEM subjects, there’s now plenty of demand for high-quality graduates.

It’s wise to get an idea of the roles available and what each one demands. This will help you target both ideal internship opportunities, and ideal roles once you’ve got some relevant experience on your CV. Here’s an introduction to a few of the key entry-level positions in the software lifecycle (in logical lifecycle order), and what you’ll need to get your foot in the door. 

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GUEST BLOG: 5 Ways to Boost Your Employability as a Graduate

UoY Careers Balloon illy Guest blog written by Mark Bradford, STEM Graduates

48% of York graduates find work in Scientific, Engineering and Computing-orientated careers, so with graduation fast approaching it’s probably as good a time as any to introduce ourselves.

STEM Graduates provide careers advice and graduate job opportunities for students and graduates from Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths degree subjects. Those from a non-STEM degree discipline fret not however, our 5 step guide will be applicable to your job search too:

  1. Know what’s out there

There might be an aspect of your degree that you’re particularly interested in pursuing further as you launch your career, though it’s important to be aware of what skills are currently most sought after by graduate employers.

The AGR’s surveys and independently published information from resources such as ourselves are good places to start. If you forgive the plug, a good example of what to look out for is our recent infographic outlining the recruitment trends within the IT industry in 2015. Though, you’ll also get a sense of what’s out there when you’re searching for jobs yourself.

Recognise what aspects of your strengths and preferences match with what type of skills are most sought after and tailor your applications to reflect this. The key is to be adaptable, chase your dream job by all means but don’t narrow the opportunities available to you as a consequence.

  1. Research your chosen industry

You’ve decided what the focus of your graduate job search will be, now you need to know your sector inside out.

Make sure you keep up to date with current affairs in the industries you’re looking to work in, this will make future interviews less daunting as you’ll feel comfortable to take on non-company specific industry questions interviewers might try to catch you off-guard with.

  1. Utilise social media

LinkedIn is the obvious place to start in this respect, ensure that your profile can be found by recruiters by listing key skills and terms relevant to your industry on your profile (do this also with your CV if your register on job boards). Recruiters will initially perform keyword searches on LinkedIn, so the jobs will have more of a chance of finding you.

It’s important not to neglect the power of networking within social media, join relevant LinkedIn groups and get involved in any discussion and utilise Twitter and Facebook to interact with potential employers’ content. Blogs are also a good way of great way of getting your name out there with prospective employers and you can use this platform to establish yourself as an authority on your chosen sector during an application process.

  1. Make the most of internship and voluntary opportunities

Any internship or voluntary opportunity is an important chance to prove your work-ethic and dependability to potential employers. To them you’re something of a mystery, so take on a voluntary job and do yourself proud – the reference you’ll get is invaluable.

It’s all the better if the experience you gain is related to your chosen industry and the volunteering opportunities at York are avenues to consider.

  1. Perfect your interview technique

You’ve followed steps 1-4 and you’re suddenly being inundated with interview requests. So much so that it’s tempting to neglect some of your lower priority applications and although you’ve been invited for an interview, you’re tempted to cancel. Don’t. With interviews it’s the case that practice will make perfect.

When a prospective employer wants to meet you it means they recognise you have the skills to perform the job, so it’s handling the jitters and putting yourself across right that will be your main obstacle. So why not hone your interview technique in a less intense environment?