CAREERS BLOG: Careers in writing (part 2 – Literary Agent)

UoY Careers Imagine the possibilities LARGE dark green Careers blog written by Kate Morris, Careers Consultant, Careers

Next in our series covering careers in writing, we look at the work of a Literary Agent.

What do they do? 

A few things:

  • Discover new authors.
  • Provide editorial feedback and help authors to polish their work before submitting to publishers.
  • Pitch books to publishers, negotiate fees, process all the legal work.
  • Provide on-going support to authors and act as the liaison between author and publisher. 

Who would you work for? 

A literary agency, rather than a publishing firm.


Are there actually any jobs in this sector? 

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CAREERS BLOG: Careers in writing (part 1 – Copywriter)

UoY Careers Imagine the possibilities LARGE dark green Careers blog written by Kate Morris, Careers Consultant, Careers

Journalism is often the obvious choice for a career in writing, but there are other areas where a way with words is central to the role….

I recently met with some writing professionals who gave me some great insights into their careers and these are the key things I think you will be interested in.

Copy Writer:

What do they do?

Copy writers focus on the tone of the message, rather than the content. You could be composing tantalising menu descriptions, creating informative but engaging health & safety signage at a train station or sensitively wording redundancy letters…

Who would you work for?

  • An agency, working for many different brands on many different projects.
  • In-house, as the “voice” for a specific employer.
  • Freelance.

Are there actually any jobs in this sector?

Yes, it’s a growing area as businesses are investing more money into the way their company “sounds”, rather than just the visuals of a brand.

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In other news…

UoY Careers newspaper illy External events and news you might be interested in.

  1. Cancer Research UK are hosting an open evening on Tuesday 20 October, 6pm – 8.30pm in London. To find out more and book your place, visit
  2. Postgraduate Studentships PhD Funding Fair on Tuesday 1 December in Central London. Full details at
  3. The Study China programme is now accepting online applications for their Easter 2016 programme.  As online applications are now being accepted, we aim to fill all available places as quickly as possible. To avoid disappointment apply now at
  4. Careers fairs at University of Manchester (Business, finance & management on Tuesday 20 October and Engineering, science & technology on Wednesday 21 October). See for more info
  5. Careers fair at Teesside university on Friday 6 November. Check out for attending employers.

CAREERS BLOG: 8 Things you need to know about Careers

UoY Careers Imagine the possibilities LARGE dark green Careers blog written by Hilary Neary, Information Assistant, Careers.

Welcome! You’re new to the University or back at York for another year and it’s the start of Autumn term. There will be lots of things competing for your attention right now and perhaps you think Careers isn’t relevant for you yet, but here are 8 reasons why visiting Careers shouldn’t be too far down your list of priorities.

  1. Compare graduate recruiters at a Careers Fair

Up to 50 employers all under one roof. Our careers fairs happen once a year and they provide much more than just an opportunity to pick up some freebies and a brochure. Many of the companies attending the fairs bring staff who are recent graduates and they can give you plenty more insight into the role, company, culture and recruitment process than you could glean from a website or brochure. In addition you have made a contact at the company which may be invaluable if you then decide later on to apply for a role there.

  • Technology Fair: Wednesday 14 October
  • Graduate Recruitment & Internships Fair: Thursday 15 October
  • Law Fair: Wednesday 21 October.

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#MakeItRight competition from Three

Three has created a development programme with a twist; starting with the fact that is open to both their employees and university students. A challenge to put your storytelling and collaborative skills to the test, and the chance to get a real insight into a digital/tech company.

Submit a (less than) one-minute video talking about a time you improved something, to #MakeItRight.

Winning students will be invited to Three’s HQ to take part in a training session. Next, successful participants will work together to create and deliver a workshop for 14-16 year olds that brings the mobile industry to life. Finally, you will return to HQ to present to a senior panel about your experience with the opportunity to network with senior management and staff. All invaluable experiences and an excellent addition to your CV.

Enter by 15 October.